SEO optimization

What is SEO?


SEO is basically searched engine optimizations which help in Ranking  in Google and another major search engine like Bing, Yahoo etc

Through this SEO Our site rank on google first page and in the SEO optimization include many factors through this post I will explain everything to improve your SEO optimization.


Excellent way to improve your SEO

1.  Publish Relevant Content 


When we are writing any Post we put irrelevant information about it so many people do not like it and also google tools identify it.

Whenever writing post always explains in depth which is also good practice.

2. Improve user satisfaction 

whenever you are writing a post Keep in mind that what user actually wants from your blog post.

sometimes when we post anything we put irrelevant picture which irritates user and we also put fake author profile which increases the bounce rate our sites.

3.  improve alt attribute and alt description

when we are writing post always put ” alt attribute and alt description ” for the images or video which help in search engine optimization (SEO). alt attribute basically is an alternative text for the images or the video.


4. Improve site Speed

In a post, we put the high quality of photo or video which do not help in improving the site result.

before putting images or video on site make sure you compress your images.

5. Smartphone SEO

Aside from speed, if your website isn’t configured properly for smartphones, it probably results in lower Google search results for mobile queries. Google confirms that smartphone errors may result in lower mobile rankings.

6. Update Your Content Regularly

When we update our content it makes sense because of everything changes day by day so we also updated our content to attract the more people and it also helps in the search engine optimization so we can easily visible in the google search result the google search result through our updated content.


7. Meta Title

The meta title of your webpage gives searchers and search engines a brief description of its content. It is visible at the top of the page tab in many web browsers and is saved as the title of a bookmark if a user saves it. The meta title is a critical component of search engine optimization(SEO).

8. Meta Description

Meta Description always comes below the Meta description Do not put the wrong meta description because google analytical tools identify its and below the title google reserves the ability to change it and use content from the page in the meta description if it judges the original description non-descriptive, inappropriate or irrelevant to the actual content of the page.

And the most imported things do not put your metadata longer than 160 characters including spaces in it.

Meta DEScription In SEO



Always inserted the relevant keywords. when you are putting keywords remember that keywords come in the first-page title, headings, and paragraph of your post and use your keyword in every paragraph and also use that keyword in the meta descriptions which is helpful in the search engine optimizations. IN the Above Example we took the SEO as the Focus Keywords.



  • Adding irrelevant keywords or too many keywords can result in what is called “keyword stuffing”. Google tends to downgrade rankings for pages that use irrelevant keywords in the metadata.

10. Link Buildings

It’s no secret that link building is the most important skill in Search engine optimizations (SEO). So Always put the link in your content. Remember do not put the link like click me never it reduces the user experience. see Below

Meta Description In SEO below in the figure for the better understand.

Link buildings

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Always write relevant data. Increase the user experience and always update your content regularly. Use Focus Keywords that appear in the Titles, Headings and paragraphs And the most impotent things use meta title, meta description. Always build link in your post.




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