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Why Social media marketing is very popular nowadays ??

Social media marketing is very popular nowadays. It is used in several ways for different purposes whether it’s for business, profession, any art or any technology that you want to spread among the public. Social media marketing is a great way to market or publicise your product /services. It is one of the digital marketing techniques which is very important for any business/trade nowadays, without this technique people cannot be aware of the things which are going around them.

There are lots of ways or we can say channel of doing social media marketing nowadays which are popularly used :

           Social media marketing

  • Facebook 

  • still, far and away, the most popular social media platform.

It boasts 1.79 billion worldwide users

73% of the US adult population

The most evenly- distributed demographics of any platform

1.66 billion mobile active users

Facebook link


despite being arguably the second-most recognized

platform out there, Twitter is fourth in usage

230 million monthly active users

Deliver 1 billion unique visitors to the website via embedded links

twitter link


414 million users

38% of internet  user with an income of more than $75 K is on the platform

79% of Linkdown users are aged 35 or older. making it the oldest platform in this list.

The three dominant sectors on the platform are high.

LinkedIn link 



The app is one of the most popular social networks worldwide.

Instagram is a mobile social network that allows users to edit and share photos as well as videos.

In 2015, there were approximately more than 77.6 million active Instagram users in the United States.

This figure is projected to surpass 111 million in 2019.

instagram link


Pinterest has, in the past year vaulted its way to the spot as a most popular social media platform

21%  of all US adult using it.

84% of those users are female-which makes it the second most popular site by far for this demographic.

pinterest link

  • Youtube

  • The site has 1 Billion Active Users Each Month.

March 21 (Reuters) – Google Inc’s YouTube said 1 billion unique users were now visiting the video-sharing website every month, or nearly one out of every two people on the Internet

Today youtube become most popular and also provide the earning way of youth by showing their talent through video on youtube.

youtube link 

  • Snapchat

50% of new users are over the age 25

85% of monthly US users are between 13 and 34

30% of teens rank  Snapchat as the most important social network

7 of 10 users are millennials

60% of college students say they’d Purchase from a brandif sent a coupon on Snapchat.

snapchat link

These networking have different methods but purpose are same to be popularise

Many business rely on these techniques which are easy and very cost effective more than offline marketing.Now a days all business have an online presence as required by today’s trend Eg: Amazon, Flipkart which become big players in the market through social media and digital marketing, so one should need to market on social media .Digital Marketing is today’s trend, so go for it apply in your business, job and in any of your profession and see the results in a couple of months .


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