Top 10 Free Calling Apps for Android to save money

Android apps provide us with a mass of functions and services and now many people are using them to make free calls. After all, why pay for making calls on your landline when there are apps around that mean you don’t have to pay. They work as long as you have WiFi or a data connection and come with different features that make them suitable for all sorts of requirements. It’s worth noting though that with some apps, operator data charges may apply according to your plan. Therefore, it’s best to use WiFi or an unlimited data plan.

The Google Play Store is full of apps that allow you to make free voice calls, both locally and around the world, and with some, you can also make free video calls using front-facing smartphone cameras. Therefore, if you have the urge to speak to family and friends or see them face-to-face, you’re only a few clicks away.

Our choice of the top 10 free calling apps for Android makes this easy and convenient, especially with the faster connectivity speeds available now. All of our picks are free although some do include in-app purchases (IAPs). Don’t let these put you off though as they are only necessary for extras such as low-cost landline calls.


*Editors’ Choice* Price: Free with ads

There’s a reason why this seems like an obvious choice to start with and that’s because it’s good! The app has millions of users across the world and it allows you to instant message, voice call, or make a video call, all for free as long as the users are on Skype. As well as instant chat, HD video calling is possible for up to 25 people, making group chats easy, especially if you have an important announcement to make. If you’d rather not be seen on the video you can make plain old voice calls across the world through Skype.

Alternatively, the app offers low-cost rates for calling landlines or mobiles. There’s also the SMS Connect feature enabling you to access and reply to SMS messages sent to your phone from your computer. These are just a few of the features available so do have a look at this one.

Download Skype – free IM & video calls


*Editor’s Choice* Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

With this app, you can send texts and share photos or GIFs, take part in group chat (up to 250 people), or make calls to other Viber users for free. Alternatively, if you want to call a non-Viber user or those without a mobile or Internet service, or make a landline call, the Viber Out feature offers international calling at low prices. Using in-app purchases for a Viber Out Subscription, which provides a set bundle of minutes to call someone, can do this. The app offers syncing across devices, and one of the neat features is Secret Chat, which enables you to automatically delete your sent messages from other people’s phones with a self-destruct timer.

Viber also offers engagement with other users, as you can start a Viber Community to connect about different topics or interests. This is a highly secure app using end-to-end encryption and we found the quality of audio and video calls to be excellent.

Download Viber Messenger


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

LINE provides free 1-on-1 or group chat (for up to 200 people) as well as voice and face-to-face video calls. It’s a multiple platform app that’s hugely popular across the world and has a lot of interesting and enjoyable features. These include different filters and effects during video calls, poll creation, social networking on Timeline, Face Play, and Keep personal storage space.

Further features include a Sticker Shop with hundreds of stickers to use and LINE official accounts where you can connect with brands and celebrities.

Download LINE: Free Calls


*Editor’s Choice* Price: Free/ Offers IAP

Many of us use Messenger for sending messages to friends but not everybody takes advantage of the free calls and group video chat. Remember, to get free calls and video you’ll need to be using WiFi, as standard data charges apply otherwise.

The app is a good way of contacting a group of friends at once, making it much easier to make plans, and just some of the extras are the use of emoji, GIFs and stickers, polls, voice messages, location sharing, and Messenger Camera. If you’re in the US, UK or France you can also use the app to send or receive money from friends via PayPal.

Download Facebook Messenger


Price: Free

Millions of people around the globe use WhatsApp Messenger, and the app now offers free calls, group chat, and video chat to other WhatsApp users. Like many other calling apps, you can call on WiFi or over the Internet connection of your phone, although data charges may apply to the latter. However, do take note that it’s not possible to call 911 or other emergency numbers through the app.

WhatsApp uses your existing phone number and address book, so there’s no need to remember PINS, passwords, or usernames. This means you’re always logged in meaning you don’t have to be concerned about missing anything. Features include notifications (though messages are saved for the next time you open the app), location sharing, custom wallpapers, email chat history and more.

Download WhatsApp


Price: Free/ Offers IAP

WeChat is another well-known name in the free calling sphere, allowing messaging, group chat (for up to 500 people), phone calls, and video calls (up to 9 people). Features include a Moment’s stream for sharing photos and videos with friends, Time Capsule for short videos that vanish 24 hours later, real-time-location sharing, a sticker gallery, top stories, games, and mini-programs. The app also features WeChat Pay and Wallet, and WeChat Out for low-cost calls to landlines and mobile phones.

The app supports various languages and translation, is certified by TRUSTe, and is used by more than 1 billion people.

Download WeChat


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Imo provides high-quality free and unlimited messages, voice, and video calls to other imo users, with group video calls also available. The app offers encrypted calls along with free stickers and video and photo sharing. It’s a basic but user-friendly app, with a nice clean interface that makes it appealing to use.

Download imo free video calls


*Editors’ Choice* Price: Free

This is a little different to the others on our list as it focuses on video calling. However, more recently Google has added the option of voice-only calls if required. You can connect to other Google Duo users, and even though it’s a Google app it’s available for iOS smartphone owners as well as Android users.

It takes just one tap to start a video call, and if the person you’re calling can’t answer you can leave a video message instead. As well as this, there’s a Knock Knock feature that allows you to preview incoming calls. We can attest that Google Duo is a solid performer and that video calls with this app are of very high quality.

Download Google Duo


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

The main strength of this open source app is its focus on security and privacy. It uses end-to-end encryption and no data or communication is stored on Signal’s servers, so you’ll never have to worry about anything getting out that shouldn’t! It also enables you to create encrypted groups and doesn’t allow the server to access any metadata from that group. You can make free voice and video calls, and the app uses your current phone number and address book, avoiding the need for logins, PINs, or passwords.

It’s a highly rated app with a user score of 4.6/5 stars on the Play Store. However, one drawback is that Signal doesn’t support tablets although there are plans for this in the pipeline.

Signal Private Messenger


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

KakaoTalk is a reliable app that makes it quick and easy to chat with friends and family over WiFi or an Internet connection. It offers free calls (1 to 1 or group) as well as messages, unlimited group chat, and multimedia sharing. There are plenty of fun features such as voice filters, deals and coupons, and free emoticons and stickers.

Also, the app provides appointment scheduling with reminders, and there’s an Item Store if you want to access more sticker collections.

Download KakaoTalk

Last word

Whether you prefer voice calls or video calls, our assortment of the top 10 free calling apps for Android provides something for everyone. Let us know which one is your preferred choice or send us a comment if you use a free calls app that you think is worthy of a mention.

8 Ball Pool Mod Apk v4.4.0 Download Unlimited Money & Coins [Anti Ban]

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Youngsters are a fan of games and they enjoy the most while playing the game. The choices of games for boys would be mostly outdoor games such as cricket, football, volleyball, etc while girls would prefer games such as kho kho, badminton etc. But in this changing weather and busy college or job life, it is not always possible to play outdoor games. Moreover, you will get time only in the weekends to play the outdoor games. You also want something refreshing at home in weekdays after work. But outdoor games in weekdays would increase your labour of the day. In order to solve this problem, people invented video games or indoor games.

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Android OS system has come up with many new games ideas that can be easily played and enjoyed on your phone. Android has tried to inculcate many indoor games in smartphones including games such as Ludo, snakes and ladder. The game which has gained most attention these days is 8 ball pool download 8 ball pools unlimited coins apk.

Normally it is an indoor game which is mostly found in some high class clubs and gatherings. The game is called billiards and it charged more in some game zones. It is a usual 8 ball game, where the 8 balls are arranged in a systematic manner and you need to push a ball with a stuck in such a way that it falls in the holes provides at the corners of the play area. It is similar to carom, where the flat discs were pushed by hand instead of sticks.

8 Ball Pool Free Coins

The game became more famous with an increase in the number of players and experts. The excitement of getting the most balls out of the holes has gained more attention. Its not easy to achieve that number with the help of stick, where a particular technique is required to hold the stick. Android has made the game easier by providing it in the form of a video game. The 8 ball pool provides a large number of players if you are playing online. You don’t need to gather up many people to play the game, you can just choose an option of online player and you can play with them. There is also a feature of wining coins and dumping defeated players. In this section, you can go for new players each time you defeat a player and that can eventually make you an undefeated player.8 Ball Pool Free Coins trick is added READ  Download My Talking Tom v4.8.0.132 Mod Unlimited Coins Diamond Apk

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The game is not available on Google play store but you can download it from many You just need to download the game from these websites, install and play the game. There are many playing options available such as you can play against an online player or you can go for a tournament play. By winning the games or tournament the player can earn coins that are called chips in the game. If you run out of coins than you can ask for free coins to your friends who play the game via Facebook.

8 ball pool mod

Earlier the game was only supported on Facebook and it has been launched for Android thereafter. The users were very nicely playing the game on facebook before Android support. The popularity of the game has managed its level on Android. The Android version has initiated many features such as charging of stick, which gives more power to push the ball to the far end. The people were enjoying the game Android but it could be installed on only those smartphones which were rooted, as Google had copyright issues. Not everybody’s smartphone was rooted so that was an issue for the game lovers.

8 Ball Pool Latest Mod Apk

The new 8 ball pool mod is the new version of the game that could be easily installed and played on unrooted Android smartphones. The mod shows that the game is a modded packed game and can be easily on any Android smartphones. Even you can try the game on PC with the help of Android emulators. Thus, mod version has increased the support for the game.

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The Best Music Organizer Software In 2019

As someone with a massive music collection, the one thing that is absolutely necessary for me is having all of it organized. I do not like unorganized music collection at all because it just makes things difficult to deal with. In situations like that, relying on the best music organizer is something that I am always looking forward to.

if you are looking for one too, then before you go ahead and choose the best possible option, you will have to look into some features that are a must-have in any music organizer. As long as these features are there, you are good to go.

Features of Aimersoft iMusic

There is no denying that every good software is known by the features that it comes with. The same goes for Aimersoft iMusic. Everything you would want from a music organizer software, and more is present here, so you really do not have to worry about anything that might go out of the way.

Below are some of the things that you should look for in a music organizer.

  • Back Up and Restore: The ability to back up your data, and be able to restore it on time without any issues whatsoever is something that we cannot overlook. For the longest time, this feature has been the one that many people are looking into, and this one is no different.
  • Fix Your Library: More often than not, we find out that there is music or audio files in our library that are no longer functional. The good thing is that with this software, you will easily be able to fix those files without running into any major issues that might be a problem otherwise.
  • Transfer Between Devices: Another great feature that we adore is that by using this software, you can easily transfer your music between devices without running into any hassle.
  • Download Music: With music, you will have access to up to 3,000 websites that you can visit and download whatever music that you want without any hassle coming your way.
  • Record Songs/Playlists: You can even go ahead and record songs, or playlists of your favorite music that has been playing on the radio, or some other device. A feature that is extremely convenient.
  • Remove DRM: If you are worried about songs having DRM, you can easily remove them and convert those files to MP3 so they can be played on any device.
  • Make Car Playlists: You can just make one click in order to transfer all the music to a USB drive, ready to be played.
  • Disc Burning: A feature that most people consider the remnant of a time that has gone away, you can actually use iMusic to burn your favorite discs with ease.
  • Built-In Music Player: With iMusic, you do not have to worry about using music players that are simply not good enough. You actually get access to a powerful in-built music player with all the right features that you might need.

How to Use iMusic to Organize Your Music Library

There is no denying that if you are looking for the best music organizer, then iMusic is the way to go. There are countless reasons as to why you should go for something like an iMusic as an option.

Right now, we are going to be looking at the tutorial that will make sure that you know how you can actually go ahead and organize your music library using iMusic. So, without further ado, let’s have a look, shall we?

Step 1: The first step is to head over to the iMusic website and download the software from there.

Step 2: Once it is downloaded, simply go ahead and install it.

Step 3: After the installation process, the next step is to run the software and you will be brought to the screen that can be viewed below.

Step 4: Since we are talking about reorganizing your music library, or in other words, fixing it, you will have to proceed and click on “CLEAN UP iTUNES LIBRARY“.

Once you click the button, you will be taken to a new screen, on that screen, you have to click on the “Scan” button in order to initiate the scanning process.

Step 5: Once the scanning is done, you will be given a message telling you that your library is a mess, and you should click on the “Fix” button to clean up that mess. You can simply go ahead and do so. Do remember that this will fix the missing tags, missing covers, as well as duplicate tracks, and missing tracks. Once you click on the fix button, iMusic will start working its magic on all the music files in your library and in no time, you will have access to all the files that needed fixing.


In conclusion, after spending a substantial amount of time with iMusic, the one thing I am certain about is that if you are looking for a good music organizer that can do a whole host of other cool things, then going for iMusic is a no brainer. For anyone who wants to have the smoothest possible experience with their music library, this is the music organizer that we are going to suggest to you.

We urge you to head over to their website in order to gain more information about the software, and I can assure you that you will have a much easier experience using this software as compared to some of the other alternatives that are available in the market.

Download TubeMate for PC Laptop Windows 7/8/10/XP

In the current scenario, entertainment has become one of the parts of our life. It is the important thing that everyone needs to tackle their boredom. For this purpose, people usually go to the YouTube platform to watch their favorite videos or songs to watch. However, one must know that the YouTube video platform will allow you to watch only videos but not download. So, whenever, you need to watch your favorite videos, there you need to visit every time for watching videos. There is an option called offline available for this app to download and watch anytime by visiting YouTube. Unfortunately, this option has been bashed by many of the users.

To those users who all are really excited to download the videos from YouTube through an application can follow here. It is definitely possible with the help of TubeMate. By using this app, you can download any of your favorite videos from YouTube with different quality from low to high.

TubeMate for PC Laptop Windows 7/8/10/XP

TubeMate is one of the video downloading applications which also help you to watch the video by changing the resolution quality as per your convenience depends on the internet speed. Thus the performance of this application is quite high in terms of downloading the videos at anytime. To download this application, you need to follow some of the instructions because it is available on the tech market. Let’s have a look at some features below

  • It helps to convert the videos into formats like 3gp, MP4, WEB, MP3 and more.
  • TubeMate has the HD resolution quality like 720p and 1080p as well.
  • You can also convert the video into MP3 song.
  • It is easy to watch the videos on TubeMate.

Download and installing process on Android device

To download apk file of TubeMate, you need to follow some of the simple steps. People who all are seeking for the steps to download apk filedownload apk file can follow here.

  1. Firstly, the users should search the apk file of the app on the tech market.
  2. Now click the link to download on your device.
  3. Once it is downloaded, you need to install on your device by changing the security settings as enable of Unknown sources.
  4. This might help the apk files to download on your device.
  5. Once it is downloaded, users can easily install it on their device to make use of it.

Downloading and installation on PC

If you are looking forward to experience this best app on the wider screen like pc can follow the below steps. But you need to install the android emulator on pc to support all the android apps on your pc for free.

  1. Firstly, the user must download the emulator called “BlueStacks”.
  2. Find the latest version of an emulator and click it to download on your pc.
  3. Make sure about the storage space of pc.
  4. Once it is downloaded, you can install it on your pc.
  5. Now open and search for TubeMate to download.
  6. Finally, you are now ready to use this amazing video app on your pc.

Download Hotstar for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10 or XP


For the best experience to feel on watching your favorite videos, you can download this great app at anytime on your android devices as well as pc.