Delhi is not just a metropolitan city but it’s the capital of India where millions of people reside and millions of tourist come to visit everyday. No doubt, more people leads to more problem. But most of the problem has some direct or indirect solution.


Once we four friends were on a trip to Dehradun. We started at night. Hardly we would have traveled 18-20 km which was the outskirt of Delhi and the car stopped suddenly. Even after a lot of trials, we were unable to start. As a result, we had to cancel our trip and went to the nearest service center asking the locals. Then, mechanics came, checked and told us that the engine had got some serious problem and it will require a day or two to repair.

While returning, we had a thought that when  everything, from food delivery to renting a car, can be online then why not the vehicle servicing. This was the time where we thought of creating something that can help people trapped in such situations to get out easily and get the work done instantly. Hence, Mekvahan was born from the situation that we dealt with.


Mekvahan is a brand and a venture that aims at providing its outstanding assistance and services to all the automobile owners while trapped in a difficult situation. Its dedicated service will never fail to enthrall you and force you to build an unbreakable trust in itself. It provides an assurance of lifetime service and delighting experience if you remain and cooperate with us.


We are trying set up with all the certified and major workshops throughout the NCR. Currently, we are present in NCR only but very soon we are planning to establish our presence in all over India as well.

Conditions that make us different from others are as follows:
  1. SOS, an emergency service provided by us which means you will get an instant service after few minutes of booking.
  2. Our servicemen will come to you carrying all the required tools and equipment and will repair it in front of you.
  3. If your car requires a special care, our nearest workshop will pick it up and will drop it at your doorstep after it’s been completely repaired.
  4. When it comes to pick-up and drop facility, the audience usually gets the thought of the expenses they would have to bear. But we ask you to put this thought in the dustbin because, with us, you will save over 30% as compared to other repair shops, due to no assets.
  5. One of our biggest offerings is that we are providing you live tracking and other various advanced features.
  6. We have some certified workshops where the rates will be standardized as well, no matter where the user is, there will be a fixed rate for a service throughout the country.
  7. 24×7 customer support.


It is all that defines Mekvahan, an online one-stop solution for automobile services. This was one of the most unorganised sector of the business industry that we thought should be organised and we created Mekvahan.



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