Do you want to know what is best for you?

In Job vs Business life

Disclaimer:I am not here to motivate you to pursue either job or business, all points here are straightforward and personal.


Let’s first understand meanings of both.

Job:  Work that pays or Job is a paid position of employment. Here Earning is consistent.


Simply JOB means Join Other Business
Business: It is a commercial activity of exchanging goods and services. Risk of failure is very high.



Well, the definition of Job looks more promising since obviously most of us not use to take the risk, well most of us don’t even have an option to choose between Job and Business. Both have some plus points and some cons. Let’s understand them.

In a job, you will have more likely structured both work and life but in case of Business, you will have less life freedom but more work freedom.


In a job, you will have a consistent routine but in case of business, you will have a hectic schedule.

In a job, you will nourish a product that someone created but in case of the business owner, you will nourish your own product.

In Job, you will be working for a business owner.

Last but not the least in a job you will have stable salary whereas in Business you will have an unpredictable salary.



According to me as co-founder of mekvahan  i am feeling good in business than job  and enjoying my Entrepreneur journey and above i explain everything’s in short but to the point.



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