healthy lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle is a  way to happiness…

Meaning of healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle not only changes our body, but it also changes our mind and mood.


Eating healthy food is not a meaning of a good and healthy life. Health is not just about eating, its also about what you are thinking, and what you are actually doing with your life.

A healthy lifestyle is one which makes us happy, and which helps to keep and improve people’s health as well. A healthy mind live more years.


But nowadays, we are busy in our daily routine life, and thus our whole life getting disturb ed.


there are so many reasons, of an unhealthy lifestyle, Some are below.

5   Topmost reasons for an unhealthy lifestyle.

1)    For most reason is less time and busy lifestyle of people, less exercise is one of the biggest reason for unhealthy life.

2)   Eating junk food is again cause of unhealthy life. Now every second people suffering from obesity and diabetes.

3)  Overwork and less sleep -Sleeping too little can overcome your heart brain and can cause of stress.N ow heart disease and stress problems are increasing very fastly. We should take a proper sleep at least seven hours every night.

4)   Smoke and drinking alcohol-When we smoke, we deprive your heart and blood of oxygen and drinking excessively drinking hurts your heart. According to research two drinks per day for men and one drink for women is suitable but the more alcohol you consume, higher the risk of stroke. Smoking also ignites these problems.

5)  Addiction to gadgets ( phone)– People nowadays are addicted to mobile phones. People waste their precious time on Mobile phones. Using too much phone, causes the eye disease like eyes retina to become weaker and eyesight decreases.


healthy lifestyle

causes of Childhood disorders……


There are many types of diseases occur in children.

Few are below… 

1)      Depression- Depression is now can be easily seen among children. Many types of depression are diagnosed in children of all ages, and the results are children commit suicide. By the age of 18, suicides are very high.

2)     Anxiety –Mental illnesses are now very common among youngsters. Children with anxiety disorders are more likely to                     develop anxiety disorders in adulthood and can cause depression.


So what is the solutions to these problems…

The solution is… 

The life is too short, Take a trip of holidays, buy the shoes of felicitous and eat the cakes of happiness.

Which means………

Think positive, Worry less, eat healthily, and be happy always😊.




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