Importance Of Emotional health

Ancient saying “when a person is healthy he is wealthy”


There is a popular quote that says “Health Is Everything”.  Health depends on how a person is happy in itself or how a person or individual is happy with his/her life. That means the physical fitness of an individual depends on his/her emotional health. So emotional health is very important to keep yourself healthy. Which people usually ignore in day to day life. When an individual ignores his /her happiness in means of:

  •  Greed for Earning extra money for luxury which people actually never get by running on a daily basis because they never pause or rest.
  • Maintaining the social status of showing his /her assets.
  •  Spending too much to look good so their friends and colleague may compliment them, mostly girls in fashion and beauty industry doing it.
  •  How much likes or comment they are getting on social media which usually a fashion status of our society nowadays.

But people don’t know they are just living a fake life or we can say living to show others, for others.  In today’s life, everyone is living in competition with each other where people forget to live there life in realities which not falls in social status or on social media.

The real life is something called our inner self “and where we feel happy and that reside inside us. We ignore that inner part of yourself and gradually become emotionally unhealthy which may result in negative thoughts in our mind. That negative thought keeps coming in our mind on a daily basis:

while we go out of our home, go to the office, going in kitties, any social gathering or even on social media which is virtual. Truth is the truth after all we all are humans.

What Is Emotional Health?

What are emotions?

Emotions are the feeling of any individual which connects through the heart:

we feel sad, happy, excited and sometimes angry these all our emotions.

Emotions are part of everybody’s day to day life which can change our thoughts accordingly So to keep us healthy we should control our emotions and direct our thoughts in the positive area of our life.emotion

Emotional health?

So, what is emotional health?

Emotional health is something related to our feeling and emotions which as a human being are connected to our daily life differently, which governs from our mind to heart and travels through it.

Ex: If we are happy we feel excited and energetic all day in opposite to that if we are sad we feel very low and lazy all day.

That feeling of happiness and sadness is our emotions and result of that emotions affect our personality is our emotional health.

Usually, people who are very emotional and think too much affects their heart and mind with small things in life and start getting sick on every other day:

All diseases are the result of emotional health which we can see physically. Whether its diabetes, blood pressure, thyroid, cramps, cervical spondylosis, anxiety, arthritis even cancer in some popular case .Mostly people catch the diseases and sickness because of too much stress and too much thinking, some are genetical but we can ignore them with our lifestyle, positive thinking, and efforts. Stress can be physical or emotional it affects our mind and body. whether it’s in our workplace, home, with kids or because of any other relationship which doesn’t work.


So to be healthy one should always be aware of their thinking and negative emotions. So they can live life fully with happiness.

“Hence emotional health is so precious and important.”

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