Elon Musk on the way to build a ‘Cyborg Dragon’

CEO of Tesla and SpaceX revealed in a tweet on Wednesday that he’s building a ‘Cyborg Dragon’. Yes, you read it right, South African born American engineer and investor Elon Musk who is known for doing extraordinary works, in the field of space exploration and electric cars, is claiming to set his sight on a new project. Who knows Mr. Musk, he might just surprise us all like he has always done. Well, sending a car to space and selling flamethrowers online was not enough, when he casually tweeted “Oh btw I’m building a cyborg dragon” on Wednesday afternoon.


Although no other details were provided, maybe he is just referring to the dragon capsules which were being used in the resupply missions of the International Space Station, but this tweet was enough to excite his ardent followers. Many of them started throwing jokes about Game of Thrones since this really sounds like a science fiction. Cyborg Dragon: having ‘cyborg’ in the name already tells us that it needs a living component in it. Plus the casual announcement makes us wonder whether this is even possible or not. Even though Elon has achieved many of the feats that no one could have thought, like reusing spacecraft or recovering and landing the first stages, this one seems a tough one to pull. Here is what he tweeted and how his fans responded: https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/989198118666162176


Who knows what cyborg dragon he is referring to.

Mr. Musk tweets about the cyborg dragon.


While SpaceX is continuing with its efforts…

SpaceX is aiming to build the Big Falcon Rocket or in short BFR. It will be used to explore Mars by 2022. For now, it is going on missions with Dragon. BFR is going to be very large- around 350 feet tall and 30 feet in diameter. While the Dragon Capsule is being set to powered by the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and may offer a human-brain interface via Neuralink, which was stated in Musk’s other tweet. Their future plans are good enough to make us feel positive about the future. We can all just hope Elon Musk succeeds in surprising us all! For we all know Elon’s bucket list consists only of solutions: providing a better life for humans.

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