Silence or meditation is a conscious activity to place our self in a position where we can silence or quiet our mind for some moment from this outer world. And can start a journey towards our inner self.

I know it’s hard to get these things. You might be thinking that what the hell is she talking about.

In ancient days in India rishis / monks and in other countries too people left  homes in search of peace and do lots of Dhyan n yog to find peace in their life or we can say in search of God …where peace exists. Can you recall or remember those things?

Examples are Gautam Buddha, Swami Vivekanand and several other monks too.

Now after introducing the subject I would like to focus on meditation.

Meditation is the state where we have to sit in a position where nobody can disturb us so we can focus on our breath and thoughts .After when we are in relaxing position means when we can divert our focus on our breath ,we start to focus on our self and we have to guide our mind towards no thoughts zone, that means there should be zero thoughts in our mind .That state is where we get pure bliss or we can say dhyan where we don’t think of any outer things.

Here we start our inner journey.

It is difficult in starting but when you start doing it daily, a point will come where you get Gods light or bliss. I know you might be thinking how it is possible .The people who are into meditation can tell you immediately and known to this.But for those who are not into it .. this article will help .

“Prayers are when God listen to us and meditation is when we listen to God”

Benefits Of Meditation:

  • Health
  • Reduce Stress 
  • Energetic
  • Happiness
  • Calm
  • Peace
  • Love
  • Strength
  • Optimistic( become positive)
  • Beautiful
  • Feel young

We will cover benefits one by one


One of the main importance of meditation is health.When we meditate regularly we improve on our health emotionally and physically like exercise we improve on our physical body but in meditation we improve on our mental and physical both.

2-Reduce Stress

One of the most important benefit of meditation is, it reduces stress. When we meditate our mind changes its thoughts and relaxes our minds.


We feel energetic when we meditate especially early in the morning ,as we clear our mind with that and know what next we have to do and  feel energy within all our daily work whether its professional or personal.

4- Happiness

 We feel pure joy when we meditate as we get bliss directly from our higher self which directly flows into our mind and body. It comes through crown chakra and spread in all our energy chakras .


We don’t get anxious and also don’t get angry easily or can say don’t react in situations In our day to day life, when we meditate regularly ,so we feel very calm in our self with no disturbance in mind.

6- Peace

When we do meditation we get calm and don’t spoil our things,  body  and relationships or any once feelings in our anger ,we get in so much peace that we don’t feel bad in small things and also we understand another person why he or she behaving so.


When we are at peace we feel loved and also loves everyone around us. We are not judgmental anymore and enjoy life in love.

8- Strength

When we meditate we become stronger physically and mentally hence we strengthen ourselves .We don’t need anything from anyone because we become stronger day by day in every way.

9-Optimist (become positive)

Meditation remove negative thoughts from our mind thus we become positive day by day .And become optimistic person in every field of life.Thus become successful and get abundance everywhere.


               We become more beautiful when we meditate daily .Results of meditation are seen on our body ,mind and skin as well .As its radiate beauty on our face too .

11-Become young

We become young day by day from meditation. When we are stress free we automatically become more young as a result of meditation.

“So start meditating from today for your wellbeing”

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