For some reasons, you need to upgrade the computer with a new SSD but you do not want to deal with installing Windows system again? Or you want to back up your Windows OS to a new SSD and make it bootable? No matter you are using Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7; it is not an easy job to finish the Windows OS and data backup. Here, with iSunshare CloneGo, you will get a reasonably faster and easier way to clone Windows OS with all files and settings intact over to the SSD drive.

When it comes to iSunshare CloneGo, just as the name implies, this Windows cloning software enables you to go to clone Windows 10/8/7 system partition and data partition quickly and safely. It is also a Windows backup and restores software which helps you to make a backup and restore it when needed. Now, let’s see how we can benefit from it!

What CloneGo enables you to do?

CloneGo makes it pretty easy for you to copy, backup and restore the Windows system partition or data partition with the intuitive user interface. You can easily find what you want in minutes.

Clone/Copy Windows OS to SSD/HDD

As the name suggests, CloneGo gives you a simple way to copy/ clone Windows operating system to another hard drive, SSD or HDD, and make it bootable. There is no need to reinstalling the Windows OS. You don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Move/ Migrate/ Transfer Windows system to another hard drive

Sometimes, we want to add SSD to the computer but also keep the HDD, how can we make the computer boot from SSD with the same operating system? The good news about CloneGo is that it can easily create an accurate copy of your original copy of the Windows OS to another hard drive. The process is rather simple, what you need to do is just few clicks. After the copy process end, you can boot the computer from SSD and keep the HDD as the data partition.

Backup and restore Windows system

One of the important features of this Windows cloning software is the fact that it allows users to back up the Windows system partition as a file in another partition or another hard drive. When you want to use it, you can restore it as quickly as possible.

Backup data partitions safely

For you to back up the important files and folders, CloneGo is great for backing up data, regardless of the file type. As CloneGo performs the data backup in the form of partition, you need to store all the data in one partition and use this software to create a backup file of the whole partition. After that, you can keep the backup file to the USB device, HDD/SSD. Or even the cloud.

Clone dynamic volume to basic disk

Another great benefit of using this software is that through this easy-to-use Windows cloning software, you can easily clone dynamic volume to basic disk. No matter for the dynamic system volume or the data volume, you can make the data copied to a basic volume in SSD/HDD. It is an effective way for those who feel difficulty to convert dynamic volume to basic volume and regretting converting the disk to dynamic. What they need is just a new SSD/HDD to store all the data.

Fully clone Windows system or partition without Logging in computer

iSunshare CloneGo also supports the creation of WinPE to run the program without logging into the computer. With the Make Boot Disk feature in CloneGo, you can a winpe.iso image and burn the image into USB/CD/DVD. After that, you can boot the computer from USB/CD/DVD and get the CloneGo using interface. In this way, you can completely copy, backup and restore the Windows OS or the data partition without logging in the computer.

How to Clone Windows 10/8/7 OS to SSD

If you want to clone Windows 10/8/7 OS to SSD, the process is going to be rather simple. You are offered two options here: use the Copy feature, or utilize the Backup feature. Below, you are going to find a step by step guide on it.

Option 1: Directly copy Windows OS partition to SSD

Step 1: Download CloneGo Windows cloning software and run it on your computer.

Step 2: Select “Copy” and select the disk partition you’d like cloned. The OS partition is always the C partition. Then, select the destination partition from the SSD you want to save the cloned partition.

Step 3: Click “Start” to begin the partition cloning process. After that, you just need to wait for the process end and reboot the computer.

Option 2: Backup Windows OS partition to SSD

Step 1: Run CloneGo software and click “Backup”. After that, you need to select a volume to back up.

Step 2: Select a path to save the backup file. It can be a partition in SSD with enough space.

Step 3: Click Start and confirm your operation. Then, CloneGo will automatically back up your Windows OS partition as an icg file.

Once the backup process ends, the icg file cannot be directly used. If you want to use the backup Windows OS, you need to restore the file to another partition by using CloneGo:

  1. Open the software and click “Restore”.
  2. Select the restoration destination. It can be your original Windows OS partition or another partition in the SSD.
  3. Select a backup file to restore. You need to click “Choose” to add your backup file.
  4. Click “Start” and you will get the format tips. Next, click “OK” to go ahead.
  5. Restart the computer and boot the computer from the restoration destination.

Final Words

If you are looking for a convenient way to clone Windows to SSD/HDD, CloneGo will be your perfect choice. It offers the 7-day free trial and you can apply all functions to make the clone job done. For starters, there is no doubt that CloneGo is one of the easiest to use software available on the market. Go to download and use CloneGo now

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