10 Best Emoji Apps for Android for a ton of fun

It was only a few years ago that we had never heard of emoji but their popularity has boomed since they were first introduced to mobile operating systems. Now many of us use them every day in chat and messages to represent the way we’re feeling. After all, one good emoji can do away with a dozen or more words! They can also represent animals, weather conditions, objects and much more, and some of the latest let you represent yourself as an emoji, similar to an animjoji. Using emoji adds a touch of popular culture and fun to everyday life, and it’s therefore not surprising that the Google Play Store is now jam-packed with a variety of different types of emoji apps for Android.

While stock keyboards of mobile devices support various emojis, these apps can add to those already available, giving even more ways to easily express what you want. You can get emoji keyboards, emoji lock screens, emoji wallpapers, and emoji launchers. Put simply, the more emoji the better! All of our app choices are free to download though some have in-app purchases for extras. Check out our 10 best emoji apps for Android, and you might be surprised at just how much is available to enhance your emoji experience.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

GO Keyboard has gathered an extremely high 4.5/5 star rating on the Google Play Store and it’s easy to see why. This emoji keyboard app has 200 million users across the world, with support for many languages. It offers more than 1000 emoji and GIFs and over 800 emoticons, as well as more than 100 fonts and 10,000 themes. It supports both typing and voice input and makes it easy to find the right emoji thanks to a prediction feature that automatically suggests the right one from the words you type.

Neatly, you can now make a cartoon avatar from a picture of yourself and share it wherever you chat, on Facebook, Twitter, and more. You can also set your photo as a keyboard background if you wish. There’s a lot to like about this emoji app, though some features (such as extra themes, stickers, and packs) require an in-app purchase.

Download GO Keyboard


Price: Free

The focus of Bitmoji is the creation of your very own personal avatar and it’s pretty impressive, to say the least. There are plenty of options to recreate your likeness and you can even choose fashions representing the way you usually dress for an even more authentic touch. You can select from a ton of stickers all starring you, and use them to really express yourself with a personal touch and amuse your friends.

You can share them via the Google keyboard, Gboard, and if you and a friend both use Snapchat you can unlock friendmoji for 2-person bitmojis. We highly recommend Bitmoji so do check it out.

Download Bitmoji


Price: Free with ads

If you love emoji (and if you don’t why are you here!) you’ll love Emoji Launcher, which will replace the default home screenon your phone. There are more than 500 emoji and stickers, wallpapers, incoming call screen themes and more, and the app features some very nice 3D transition effects.

Emoji Launcher makes it easy to manage your home screen, offers performance optimizations such as battery saving, and includes widgets to name just a few more of its features. Best of all, it’s entirely free with absolutely no in-app purchases.

Download Emoji Launcher


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

This is another highly rated emoji app for Android devices and it features a multilingual keyboard supporting over 150 different languages. It has more than 5,000 emojis and emoticons, over 3,000 themes, and a wide choice of cool fonts to choose from. It works really well at adding emoji on SMS, Message, Email, Text Now, Note, and more.

Features include intelligent predictive text and auto-correct, as well as sounds of musical instruments. Also useful is the split keyboard layout that can be resized to one-handed mode. Do note that some features require in-app purchases.

Download Emoji keyboard


Price: Free with ads

This is a very good little app that does exactly what it says on the tin. In other words, you can now have a custom lock screenpattern for your device that’s comprised of different emoji, rather than the default lock screen.

Protecting your device with emoji might not be something that immediately springs to mind but we really enjoyed this app as it’s easy to use, includes nice wallpapers for the background, and works smoothly.

Download Emoji lock screen pattern


Price: Free/ Offers IAP

Have you ever looked for an emoji but didn’t find exactly the one you wanted? If so, this is the app for you as it allows you to create your own unique emoji and emoticon. You can then share them as stickers, smileys, avatars, or profile pictures, either via the keyboard or directly to social media and chat apps including Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more. There are plenty of categories and customizations to choose from, as well as a randomize feature to produce who knows what.

It’s a good app but we will say it’s a little heavy on in-app purchases to get the exact look you want. Nevertheless, we felt it deserved a place in our 10 best emoji app suggestions.

Download Emojily


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

More than 50 million downloads can’t be wrong and this app is packed with cool content to enjoy, including thousands of keyboard themes. There are more than 3,600 emoji, emoticons, GIFs, stickers, and symbols to use, and over 1500 emoji keyboard themes. You can also change your keyboard background to a photo from your gallery, and other customization options include QWERTY, QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboards, and a choice of buttons and tapping effects.

Further features include smart input, emoji prediction and next word suggestion, trending GIFs, swipe to type, and game keyboard (compatible with some games). You can also create an emoji from a photo or video of your face.

Download Facemoji Emoji


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

This is a nicely different one as it’s a trivia game that revolves around the world of emoji. The aim is to match emoji with words to create sentences, and you’ll need to cover activities, feelings, situations, objects and more. You’ll need to be as quick as you can though as you’ll score higher and earn more coins the faster you play, and the more questions you solve the more you’ll power up to further levels (over 1,400). It’s possible to earn more coins by watching ads, and there’s always the option of in-app purchases for more.

Other features include a spin the wheel mini-game, or you can play in a new Global Challenge multiplayer mode.

Download Words to Emojis


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

This is a really cute app with some amazing 3D models to choose from. They include a porcupine, shark, bunny, beaver, mole, turtle, baby, panda, angel, alien, tiger, and many more, and there are also live wallpapers and backgrounds.

The idea is to record your face and connect and reflect your emotions to the emoji, and it’s surprisingly effective! You can then share the videos (including your voice) to friends and they are bound to be amazed and amused by the results.

Download EMOJI Face Recorder


Price: Free with ads

This is an interesting little app as it creates letters of the alphabet comprised of emoji. Simply type the word you want in the text box, select the emoji that you want, and hey presto. For example, you can spell out the word ‘love’ with the letters made up of little hearts, or how about the word ‘star’ from dozens of small stars. You can then copy the message or share it as text, and it’s fair to say that many people won’t have seen a message quite like it before!

The most recent update to the app brought along flag emoji for all countries. It’s quite appealing so why not check it out, especially as it’s free to download and use.

Download Emoji Letter Maker


As we mentioned in our introduction, the Google Play Store is now awash with emoji apps so we won’t pretend we’ve tried every one. However, we did take a look at a great many of the most highly rated apps to come up with our pick of the 10 best emoji apps for Android. It’s likely that there will be an ever-increasing amount of Android keyboards that support more and more emoji, but for now, a good emoji app can give you just what you’re looking for.

We’ve tried to cover a wide range of emoji apps to suit a variety of requirements, but if we’ve missed one that you think should have been included do let us know. Will you be using one of these emoji apps for Android? If so, which do you find the most useful and appealing?

CyberGhost VPN Review – Top 5 reasons to use CyberGhost VPN

Nowadays, privacy is something that is becoming a major concern of most of the people around us. For all the right reasons as well, if we do not concern ourselves with our own privacy, all the information would just be swimming in an open sea that is the internet.

Keeping that in mind, you can take care of your privacy in multiple ways, and the most effective one out of them is using a VPN. Now when it comes to choosing a VPN, you have the list of really good VPNs, as well VPNs that are dubious with their behavior.

This is where CyberGhost VPN comes into play. This is one of the best VPNs available in the market, and hence, we are doing a CyberGhost VPN review in order to make sure that everyone knows about this VPN, and starts using it.

After all, the protection of privacy is one of the most important factors, and one should not just ignore that part.

CyberGhost VPN Features

Obviously, I would not ask you to select a VPN without going through the features first. No one likes to be in the dark, as no one should be in the dark as well. Keeping that in mind, we should definitely look at some of the features of the. This way, there will be clarity as to whether someone should be choosing this software, and if they should be choosing the software, then under what conditions should that be.

  • Hide Your IP: This is perhaps one of the most underrated features that you can think of when it comes to a good VPN, or just in general. Regardless of the websites, you are visiting, or the content you are streaming, it is always better to keep your IP address hidden because if there are malicious trackers on the internet, they will not be able to track your IP. It is among the best way of saying secure on the internet.
  • Top Notch Encryption: Another one of my favorite features from CyberGhost VPN is with respect to the encryption it offers. The software has one of the best encryptions you could want. Whether you are connecting from your iPhone, or some other device, the VPN encryption is among the best.
  • No Logging: One of the biggest concerns most people have when using a VPN is whether the VPN they are using will log their activity on the internet or not. This can be a problem for so many people and can result in some serious security threats as well. The good thing about CyberGhost VPN is that it has a strict, no logging policy. So, you really do not have to worry about it.
  • Innumerous Servers: Another great feature that I love about CyberGhost VPN is that it comes with a huge number of servers that you can choose from. I know it almost sounds like a trivial thing but the more servers you have, the easier it becomes for you to actually browse the internet without any worries.

Reasons You Should Use CyberGhost VPN

Now that we have talked about the features of CyberGhost VPN, the next step is to look at all the reasons why you should use this VPN instead of countless others available in the market. This is something that most people go through very often, and the worst part is that if you do not check out the proper reasons, you can very well end up with a VPN that is simply not good enough.

With that out of the way, we are going to explore the reasons. So, let’s not waste time and have a look, shall we?

Top of The Line Encryption

I will be honest here; I love my privacy more than anything else. Not just because privacy is my right, but because there is just so much information that is protected behind the wall of privacy that it becomes difficult for me to imagine a life without having proper privacy.

Now the biggest reason why anyone would want to protect their privacy is that if you do not, there are chances that your personal information gets leaked on the internet. It does not happen as often as you might think, but the chances of something like that are still out in the open.

Thanks to the fact that CyberGhost VPN can run on 7 different devices at the same time, it really is a good thing, and there are native apps for different devices as well.

Safely Download Torrents

Downloading torrent is an essential part of the internet, and while we do not condone it. It is still important to know that torrent are being downloaded in millions on a daily basis. However, in countries where the anti-piracy laws are in full swing, torrenting without hiding your identity can be a problem, or torrenting, in general, could lead to some severe issues.

That is where CyberGhost VPN comes into play; it allows you to download torrents safely, and securely without having to worry about any legal or other issues.

Stream Freely

Streaming services are great, but the biggest issue with them is that they are often protected by geographical locks or just bans from one region to another region. This stands against the very definition of the internet. In order to bypass these issues, and gain access to all the streaming websites available, you can use CyberGhost VPN to unblock streaming.

Do not worry, thanks to our top tier services, you will not have to face speed degradation or other similar issues that can be an issue.

No Logging

Another reason why you should CyberGhost VPN is that it adheres to a strict, no logging policy. This is really important because most of the modern VPNs have that issue that they log the usage that is happening while the users are connected through VPN.

As normal as it seems, it is anti-privacy and should be avoided at all costs to avoid any issues down the road.

Hide Your IP

I believe this is one of those reasons that do not get enough attention from the users. However, by hiding your IP and using a different one from a different location, you can actually score some pretty good discounts online. Additionally, if you are using Netflix, and you want to have access to all of Netflix, this is another great thing to do.

Last but not least, hiding an IP makes sure that you remain secure against all online threats.


As far as the pricing is concerned, I am happy to report that the CyberGhost VPN is actually a lot more affordable than some of the other options available in the market. There are 4 price slabs available, and all of them offer the same features and benefits.

  • 1 Month: $12.99.
  • 1 Year:  $5.99/month — Billed $71.88 every year.
  • 2 Years: $3.69/month — Billed $88.56 every 2 years.
  • 3 Years: $2.75/month — Billed $99 every 3 years.

As you can see, the pricing is rather lenient and affordable, to say the least. While some might disagree, I believe that the CyberGhost VPN is priced effectively, and competitively. Enough to make sure that there are no issues along the way.ProsCons

  • Excellent value for money.
  • Seven devices at the same time.
  • Easy to use.
  • Top of the line encryption.
  • No logging policy.
  • None.


Having used countless VPN, the one thing I am absolutely certain of is that there are so many good options available out in the market, but at the same time, there are bad ones as well. The market is saturated as well, so that makes it really difficult for the users to choose the right option.

However, the interesting thing about CyberGhost VPN is that it can be bought for cheap, it works like a charm, and has some of the best security you can find in a good VPN. It is not really held back by anything. It is relatively new in the market, so that did leave me with some concerns. But after using it for a while, I can tell you that it does not give you any issues along those lines.

As far as any potential downsides are concerned, I really did not run into any issues. So, you really do not have to worry about it either. You can just download the VPN, and start using it right away. As I have mentioned before, it can run on seven devices simultaneously, so that really is not an issue.

How to delete a Snapchat account

It’s time to face it, Snapchat isn’t quite the social media juggernaut it once was.

If any messaging service represents the meaning of “carpe diem”, it must be Snapchat. This application is known for its temporary nature. Messages, pictures and videos will disappear forever some seconds after the recipient takes a look at them. And just as your messages dissolve in a heart beat, Snapchat has made it as fast and simple to deactivate Snapchat and make your whole account to disappear forever too.


Are you ready to let your Snapchat account go? Whether you have been naughty or nice, sometimes your best bet is to let go and start clean. Whatever your reason for leaving may be, we are here to help you through the process. There are two ways to delete Snapchat, let’s jump right in.


How to delete your Snapchat account (method 1)

  • Go to https://accounts.snapchat.com/accounts/delete_account from any browser (you can’t delete the account from the actual app).
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Check the box to confirm you are not a robot.
  • Select “Log in”.
  • Enter your username and password once again.
  • Select “Delete my account”, all the way at the bottom.
  • You are done! Snapchat will keep all your data for 30 days, just in case you want to return. If that is the case, simply log back in to reactivate your account.

How to delete your Snapchat account (method 2)

  • Open your browser and go to Snapchat.com.
  • Scroll down and select “Support”, under the “Company” section.
  • Select “Learning the basics”.
  • Select “Account Settings”.
  • Select “Delete an Account”.
  • Follow the same steps as method 1.

There you have it, guys! Now you are free from Snapchat and ready to start a new life. Or you can just reactivate it when you tart feeling withdrawals! If you do come back to Snapchat, don’t forget to follow the Android Authority account.

Top 25 Galaxy Apps you must Download on Samsung Phones

Even though it’s a few years old by now, the Galaxy S5 flagship smartphone from Samsung still is a beautiful device to have. With its top-notch hardware, gorgeous display and higher battery capacity galaxy s5 let the owner install and explore hundreds of top Android apps on the device.

Here is a list of some essential apps that should be on every Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

1. Evernote

Download Evernote

Evernote is the best note taking app for your Android devices. This is a powerful tool with which you can save any information such as schemas, email addresses, notes, web links, personal acquaintances and professionals, etc. You can then access them from your desktop or via a web browser. Android users can also use an automated transcription service that will turn speech into text.

2. Splashtop Remote Desktop

Download Splashtop Remote Desktop

Splashtop Android Remote Desktop app allows you to access on your computer from your Android device and brings files to your Android device. With the app, you can get files from your PC including important files from PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Outlook files. You can also play Facebook games like CityVille, FarmVille, FrontierVille, Pet Society, Cafe World, and Mafia Wars.


Free Cool Games for Teenage Girls
Best Free Android Games

3. Nova Launcher

Download Nova Launcher

One of the presumed advantages of Android users is that they can customize the operation and the image of their smartphones with many options. Nova Launcher for Android, one of the most downloaded apps on Google Play, allows you to choose from the best transitions to the fastest ways to open applications. Also, add folders in your home screen more easily and has many themes that you can put on the shelf.

4. Pinterest

Download Pinterest

The social network Pinterest can be described as a list of interactive, customizable and can be shared with friends images. If the idea of wish list (whish list) number is excellent, even more so when the user can see the graphics quality of the photos and videos posted. Pinterest is indeed a visual network, suitable for the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S.

5. AntiVirus Security – FREE

Download AntiVirus Security

The AVG Virus app will help protect the device from cyber criminals and software malware by scanning any file you download. Another advantage of this app is that blocks cell phone numbers that you are constantly dialing or sending SMS.

6. Talon for Twitter

Download Talon for Twitter

Talon for Twitter will help you manage your account more easily. Also updated automatically, trills can be shared with other social networks, edit the photos, insert emoticons, and other options. It is a good option to manage your accounts if you follow the latest trends of the networks.

7. SwiftKey Keyboard Free

Download SwiftKey Keyboard Free

SwiftKey will allow you to write words with artificial intelligence. The android keyboard app learns from your more common terms and makes predictions about the word you want to put before you approach a finger. This app is rated by users as the best self-corrector for mobile phones.

8. Frontback

Download Frontback

Frontback lets you take a picture with the front camera, and another with the rear camera, and share them both into a single image. Also, you can flip the orientation of the camera with simple gestures; write short titles mentioning @ friends and # hashtags; add placements, or share them on social networks or email.

9. VSCO Cam®

Download VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam is a very nice camera app for Android. The operation of VSCO Cam is very simple: before saving the photos in the Gallery or post them to Facebook and other, you can edit, add tweaks and filters, all from a minimalist menu. VSCO Cam for Android allows you to take pictures directly from your application and edit your pictures with different presets and tools that allow you to adjust exposure, temperature, contrast, saturation, adjust tones, rotate and crop the image, and much more.

You can also see the details of the photo and your geolocation on the map. Furthermore, VSCO Cam allows autofocus when taking photos. Simple and powerful.

10. Instagram

Download Instagram

Is it still necessary to submit Instagram, the social network of photography in the shadow of Facebook? With the latest Samsung Galaxy S phone, you can be the first of your friends to post pictures from the water.

11. Dropbox

Download Dropbox (Free)

Cloud storage services have become essential for almost every user. And our recommendation for this category is Dropbox. Dropbox gives the opportunity to save your data online and then make them available on any device as long as you sign in with the same account.

12. Flow Home

Download Flow Home (FREE)

Flow Home is a different launcher that shows all the information on your desktop. Thus, each application will not be simply represented by an icon; will also show some data from the dedicated sites which might be practical. The idea is pretty good.

It is a great way to quickly navigate through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Feedly. You can choose between different “themes” and the launcher offers full support for Icon Packs.

13. Autodesk Pixlr

Download Autodesk Pixlr (FREE)

One of the best features of the Galaxy S phones is the camera that allows you to take beautiful photos and share them with one tap. By installing a photo editor you can edit and customize the photos to make them even better. For this, we recommend Pixlr with which you can apply filters, effects, frames, and stickers so very fast.

14. S Pen Toolbox

S Pen Toolbox is an exclusive S Pen app that gives more power to the Galaxy Note devices. For example, you can set it up so that whenever you pull out your S Pen, the screen will pop into life and open up your favorite app or action. You can also control the screen of your device — you can turn on the screen whenever you remove the S Pen, and vice-versa — and you can even set a custom sound when the stylus is removed from its slot. Pretty neat!

Download S Pen Toolbox Android App (FREE)

15. AVG AntiVirus

Download AVG AntiVirus (FREE)

It will help protect from hackers and malware by scanning any file you download. Another advantage is that it can blocks cell numbers that you are constantly checking or sending SMS.

16. 1Weather

Download 1Weather (FREE)

1Weather is one of the most reliable weather apps that provides real-time local weather and forecasts for the entire world. 1Weather also has the ability to track your location so that you can get updated weather information when you are traveling.

17. Atari Fit

Download Atari Fit (FREE)

Atari Fit is a fitness app that will help you lead a healthy life through physical exercises and at the same time allowing gain points to unlock Atari games like Pong, Super Breakout and Centipede. The application includes over 150 different exercises and over 30 plans and programs that can be customized, including racing programs, physical fitness routines and more.

18. VLC for Android

Download VLC for Android (FREE)

The Galaxy S6’s large screen is ideal for watching videos and movies. VLC is the perfect video player app for the job. It is the most complete and more compatible with both formats of video and audio, will happily playback most modern multimedia files, as well as able to work with drives and network streaming.

19. Spotify Music

Download Spotify Music (FREE)

Are you a music lover? If you are then Spotify is excellent choice for your Samsung Galaxy S6 because you can easily get the latest music with this app. This online music streaming service has a catalog filled with millions of songs.

20. Netflix

Download Netflix (FREE)

Netflix is one of the best video streaming apps out there and a great for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. This online video streaming service has thousands of movies to stream, and all in a smooth user interface. If you like streaming movies, this is definitely one app you must have.

21. LastPass

Download LastPass Android App (Trial/$12 year)

LastPass is one of the best passwords managers that exist for Android. Its operation is too simple to remember and manage passwords we use in different locations, as well as offering the option to create better passwords. Compared to other solutions, this application uses different ecosystem functions and synchronizes passwords across desktop, browser, and mobile.

22. Pushbullet

Download Pushbullet Android App (FREE)

Pushbullet is a very useful application to share things from one device to another. It allows you to see your mobile notifications on your computer and easily share links, notes, lists, addresses and files between all your devices. A great tool for sending instant data between PC and mobile device.

23. Nike+ Running

Download Nike+ Running

With the new Samsung Galaxy phone, give your career a new twist. It is sufficient to put the smartphone in your pocket after opening Nike + Running and you can measure your performance reliably and accurately.

24. Magisto Video Editor & Maker

Download Magisto Video Editor

Magisto Video Editor & Maker automatically turns your video clips and photos into awesome edited movies, complete with your choice of music, cool graphics, and effects, in just a few magical minutes! Best of all it is free to download.

25. Optical Reader

Download Optical Reader from Galaxy Apps

Optical Reader is a special application of Samsung that can recognize text, QR codes and business cards to offer features such as translation, link, search or messaging, easily and effectively. The app utilizes the camera to recognize text and extract information. You can point it at words, contact information, and QR codes.

26. AutoCAD 360

Download AutoCAD 360 (FREE)

AutoCAD 360 is the official mobile app of the popular 3D drawing program AutoCAD. It allows you to view, edit and share any work from your Android device. You may open any work that you synchronized your AutoCAD account directly on your device. From there you can edit your work with basic drawing tools, moving objects, resizing, etc. In addition, you can carry out all these changes offline, and save them in other times when you have access to the Internet.

27. Silk paints drawing

Download Silk paints drawing (FREE)

Silk paints drawing is a drawing application that includes a specific set of brushes that let you draw and create amazing pictures in a simple way. The application is also notable for its multi-touch navigation and zoom function, ability to draw using your own finger or a stylus on the drawings. Final results can be saved directly on the micro card SD, shared on social networks or even used as your wallpaper.

Already started to download the top 10 Samsung Galaxy Apps listed above. Don’t forget to share other favorite apps you’ve installed on your beautiful Galaxy Phones.

Asphalt 9: Legends Mod Apk Download Unlock All Cars Unlimited Money

Asphalt 9 legends mod apk download with all cars unlocked and unlimited money and fuels. Downloadmods apk has added all cheats and hack of latest release asphalt 9 legends car racing game.

Asphalt 9: Legends features a top roster of real hypercars for you to drive that is unlike that found in any other game, from renowned car manufacturers like Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and W Motors. You’re free to pick the dream car you need and race across spectacular locations against rival speed machines around the world. Hit the fast track and leave your limits in the dust to become a Legend of the Track! Controls Of Asphalt 9 For Android & Ios

1. The game supports both tilt and tap steering control schemes, one new and interesting feature this time out is called TouchDrive.

2. With TouchDrive activated, the car essentially drives itself in terms of acceleration and steering, but you still need to man the drift and nitro buttons

3. On top of that, icons at the top of the screen will appear and tell you what track features are coming up in the next few seconds, including nitro bottles, jump ramps and shortcuts

4. By swiping to one side or the other, you tell the AI to head for that feature, making it a true auto-drive/full control hybrid. TouchDrive isn’t infallible, as you can still run off the road or miss long jumps if your timing is off, and it’s not going to be a match for skilled competitors in multiplayer READ  PUBG Mobile v0.11.0 Apk Download + Unlimited Skins ,Uc Cash & Bp

5. The modded apk of asphalt 9 legends is added and its one-click download

Asphalt 9 Legends Apk File Information

Contents [show]

APK FILE NAMEASPHALT 9 LEGENDSSize49Mb[Apk]+ 1.5Gb[OBB]Version1.0.1aRelease Date24 July 2018DeveloperGameloft How to Unlock More Cars for Free In Asphalt 9 Legends

1. Rank to Unlock New Cars

2. Car cards are called blueprints, and you’ll need different amounts of them to unlock and then to rank up each car in out mod version of asphalt 9 it is embeded.

3. Take full advantage of My Career mode some level has multiple tasks complete  them and complete them you will receive blueprints.

4. Participate in Daily Events: Once you progress enough to access them, the Daily Events tab is something you’ll definitely want to visit. Each weekday has event blueprints to grab don’t miss them.

5. Join a Club and work with other players on milestones: Clubs are the Asphalt term for guilds, and you’ll want to join one even if you aren’t into social interaction in your mobile games.

6. Try your hand at Multiplayer: 

7. Open card packs in the Shop READ  Jurassic Survival MOD APK v1.1.22 Unlimited Money Free Craft

Cherry pick individual blueprints in the Legend Store

Asphalt 9 Legends Apk With Unlimited Gas/Fuel

1. Skip it with watching Video Ads

2. Speed Up the time by paying tokens

3. Rank up your reputation each time when your level you will get free fuel for every car

4. Download Asphalt 9 legends hack to get unlimited fuels and gas.

Asphalt 9: Legends Unlimited Money/Credits

1. Take more and more race every race when you complete goals you will get flag also helps you to unlock solo season and earn free credit.

2.  Check the map of your current season you will unlock that give you a free of credits.

3. Take Part in daily events race of each car gives you a free credits

   Download Mod Apk

Asphalt 9 Mod Apk Download For Android

You will get unlimited money and credits in mod apk of asphalt 9 legends. You don’t need to watch ads and wait for the new race if your fuel or gas is finished. All tricks of asphalt 9 legends we have added along with hack and mod apk. Now race any new car and freely unlock any car with this mod apk of asphalt 9.

Showbox Alternatives 2019 – 15 Best Apps Like Showbox For Free Streaming

The purpose of this article is just to make sure that the best Showbox alternatives for Android, iPhone, and PCs are talked about in detail with their features highlighted.

If you’ve heard of Showbox, then chances are that you’re a huge movie buff since the app is a terrific portal to help you engage in streaming movies and TV shows from your smartphone, tablet and in some cases, your desktop computer. One would consider Showbox to be near flawless but there are a few caveats to using this service. However, if in case you still are curious to know about its alternatives then keep reading the list of alternatives to Showbox mentioned below. Best Apps Like Showbox as Alternatives 2019

We have curated the best Showbox alternatives for you. These substitutes are legal (not all) and provide you with free movies and TV shows with no-strings-attached. Legal Apps


Stremio is the perfect alternative to Showbox. It is very easy to use and designed for Android, Windows, MacOS, and Linux.
You have an option for APK installation, too.

Stremio provides a large catalogue of Movies, TV shows, YouTube channels and more.  The content comes from easy to install add-ons which you can install in the app or see here – Stremio add-on catalogue.

The platform provides subtitles and an option to cast to a Chromecast. The great thing about using Stremio is that you will always find the best quality of content regardless of which medium you view it on. The platform allows you to create a personal library to collect your favorite content and get notifications when a new episode is available for series and Youtube channels. The service works fine across a number of devices. Syncing the library in one place syncs it with the other places as well.ProsCons

  • Multiple streaming sources;
  • Subtitles
  • Chromecast support
  • Cross-device synchronization
  • Notifications for new episodes
  • APK installation;
  • There is no login option on the website, which might cause concern for some users

DownloadQR-Code Stremio Developer: Stremio Price: Free       



Another stellar Showbox substitute for the Android operating system is Crackle. With more than 20 million users registered, it definitely looks to be a popular application for smartphone and tablet owners so imagine how high that number would be if Crackle would be available for a wide range of platforms such as iOS, Windows, and macOS. Using the app, Crackle allows you to watch movies and TV shows without experiencing any roadblocks in between.

Smart TV connection support is also present although the software of that smart TV should be compatible with the application. Unfortunately, since it updates its movie and TV show repository every month, it potentially means that you will not be able to enjoy the latest content for a minimum of 30 days.ProsCons

  • Freely available
  • Save later feature
  • Let you add subtitles
  • Content quality is beyond satisfying
  • Monthly content updates

  DownloadQR-Code Sony Crackle – Free TV & Movies Developer: Sony Crackle Price: Free       

Download For iOS


You might be surprised how this media player can be listed here since Kodi® media center is free and open source cross-platform software media player and there are several Kodi add-ons available which let you stream for free as like Showbox does, so you just need to install Kodi and find the best available add-ons and you’re done. The best thing is that you can use it on several platforms like Android, iOS, PC, Firestick and so on.

Some of the best Kodi addons that lets you stream movies and TV shows for free;

  • Exodus Redux
  • The Magic Dragon
  • 13Clowns
  • Yoda
  • Yify Movies HD
  • Seren

  DownloadQR-Code Kodi Developer: XBMC Foundation Price: Free       



Hulu also deserves a place in our best Showbox alternatives list because it is widely known as a service that regularly updates its content list very swiftly and without delay. With a simple click, you can start your binge movie streaming sessions but its ‘web-based only’ service might cause you to grind your teeth.ProsCons

  • Wide selection of movies and TV shows available and is just a click away
  • Hulu is compatible with Chromecast, making the streaming experience even better
  • It is web-based streaming application so that might not bode well for millions of streamers

  DownloadQR-Code Hulu: Stream TV, Movies & more Developer: Hulu Price: Free       

Download For iOS 

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a new app in the online content market, but its business is rapidly growing.  This app has different genres like actions, documentaries, classic, horror, comedy and all other flicks. The app works with the internet but it is completely legal and free app. But this app requires an account for the streaming contents.   DownloadQR-Code Tubi – Free Movies & TV Shows Developer: Tubi TV Price: Free       

Official Website


Viewster is available for both iOS and Android and one of the best ShowBox substitue. This is another platform for the users that offers free watching of movies and downloads.   DownloadQR-Code Viewster – Anime & Fandom TV Developer: Viewster Price: Free       

Official Website


Yidio is not only a best free streaming movie app, it is more of a Content Aggregator and considered as best ShowBox replacement. This is the unique app that functions as a kind of search engine for online movie apps.  Yidio is a platform that collects content from other multiple subscription-based video streaming providers and allows users to view the content at the single interface.   DownloadQR-Code Yidio – Streaming Movie & TV Guide Developer: Yidio LLC Price: Free+

Official Website

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a real versatile service available for Android and iOS. This app is broadcasting over 100 live channels which include TV shows, movies and internet videos. This is a nice addition to our list.   DownloadQR-Code Pluto TV – It’s Free TV Developer: Pluto, Inc. Price: Free       

Download For iOS


Popcornflix is also an app that allows you to watch free movies. They update their database frequently. Popcornflix provides almost all kinds of movies.   DownloadQR-Code Popcornflix™- Movies.TV.Free Developer: Screen Media Ventures, L.L.C. Price: Free       

Official Website


Vudu is a premium-paid streaming mobile app but Vudu has an amazing library in itself named “Movies on Us” which allows you to watch some content without any charges containing adds.   DownloadQR-Code Vudu – Rent, Buy or Watch Movies with No Fee! Developer: VUDU Price: Free       

Official Website

Cinema Box

CinemaBox continues to be a popular pick for a Showbox alternative since it is not just free but has a chunk-load of features added to its arsenal. This will range from high-definition movies to a wide range of subtitles. A flexible addition here is that you can download and stream movies to your heart’s content and what’s more is that the application updates on a regular basis to provide you with a long list of movies. The only complaint we could gather was that the app is not officially present on the Google Play Store so you will have to make do with downloading a .apk file.ProsCons

  • Free application means you will not have to pay a single cent for it
  • A wide range of subtitles available
  • HD quality movies available
  • Movies can be downloaded and streamed at will
  • Kids mode is available if you do not want adolescents to engage in content they should not be watching
  • Gets updates regularly to help you enjoy the latest content
  • Supports cross-platform
  • Slow content updates

  DownloadQR-Code Cinema Box Developer: Container Price: Free       

Official Website

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is as unique as the name of the program itself. It has cemented its position as a leading Showbox replacement because it provides support for Android, iOS, and Linux operating systems. It also fires up real quick from your smartphone or tablet and you can seamlessly change its interface and language in a jiffy. Popcorn Time definitely has to be the closest thing to Showbox and if you have not been using it, then you are missing out.ProsCons

  • Supports Android, iOS and Linux platforms
  • You can choose plenty of subtitles if you don’t understand the verbal parts of the movie
  • Smart TV connection is supported
  • You can tweak the interface and language to your liking
  • Popcorn Time occasionally crashes and they have not found a way around this little bug, but annoying bug

Official Website

MegaBox HD For Android

MegaBox is another terrific alternative to Showbox for the Android smartphone or tablet user that enables you to get your entire fix with a ton of content separated into movies and TV shows. It behaves very similarly to Showbox so as far as getting used to the application goes, you are expected to feel right at home unless of course you have never used Showbox before.

Since there are several different sections in the menu, you will not be confused with the sort of content you’ve intended to watch. If there was a small complaint from this otherwise terrific application, it would be that you’re always being bombarded with ads. Other than that, you will really have to start nitpicking if you want to report about some issues because MegaBox HD looks and works beautifully.

Download and Install Bigo Live PC Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1

Bigo live is a leading LIVE streaming application which allows you to broadcast live videos and to connect with the new people. This application lets you broadcast the mobile videos and real-time interaction with the people all over the world. It allows you to publicize your features among other individuals who vary from person to person.

It is the best application to exhibit your talent to the others in the form of video broadcasting from home. It is a cross-platform application which can be used in Android phones, iOS devices, Windows Phone, and Windows PC, etc similar to download tubemate for pcdownload tubemate for pc. It is an Android application which can be easily installed to your PC by using Android emulator like Bluestacks. The Android emulator is third party software which allows you to run the Android applications on your PC.

Bigo Live PC Download Free Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1

This application was developed by a Singapore-based Internet company; Bigo Technologies in March 2016 for streaming live social videos. Along with live streaming videos, it also provides you features like chat, makes calls, and present virtual gifts, etc. It also allows you to get likes and views on your live videos. It also provides you rewards for inviting your friends. You can follow these steps for downloading BigoLive App on your PC.

Steps for Downloading and Installing BigoLive on your PC: –

  • BigoTV is an android application. Therefore, you have to first download and install Bluestacks on your PC. For this go to your web browser and search for the Bluestacks for PC Windows.
  • Choose the desired version of Bluestacks and click on the download option.
  • Once the downloading process completes; you can click on the Save File option to save file for future use.
  • Now, click on the install option to start the installation process.
  • It will take few seconds. Once the installation process completes; it will allow you to download the BigoLive on your PC.
  • Now, open the Bluestacks application and search for the BioLive on the search bar and hit enter.
  • Click on the free icon and click on the download option.
  • Once the downloading process completes; click on the Install option to use it on your PC.


  • Download Hotstar for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10 or XP
  • iAP Cracker iOS: Install and Use iAPCracker for iPad, iPhone
  • Download Pokemesh Apk Latest How to Install Android
  • How To Create A Paytm Account

Features of Bigo Live for PC: –

  • It allows you to watch and share unlimited live videos on your PC for free.
  • It allows you to let the people know about you and your talents by live streaming videos like dancing singing cooking, drawing, etc. without any restrictions.
  • It also allows you to get interacted with your favorite persons and also lets you notify whenever they go live.
  • It enables you to manage your follower’s list from all over the world by identifying your talent and hence can manage fan followers.
  • It also allows you to get interacted with your friends and followers by chatting, sharing texts, pictures and much more.
  • It also allows you to invite your friends to watch your live videos together.
  • You can also ask your friends to co-host your video for making it more attractive.
  • It also enables you to make free international and domestic calls even for non-users.
  • It allows you to send virtual gifts like hearts, rings, lollipops, handbags, etc. for your real friends.
  • It is a cross-platform application which runs on all modern platforms like Android, iOS, PC Windows, etc.
  • It enables you to translate your message into any language with the help of Google Translate.
  • It also allows you to enjoy live gaming with better effects.
  • You can join online, and offline activities in Bigo Live for earning different bonuses like diamonds, beans and much more. You also get rewards for inviting your friends to BigoLive

GTA San Andreas Apk Download Free For Android

GTA San Andreas Apk Download Free For Android

GRAND THEFT AUTO: SAN ANDREAS APK download for android and mod apk + OBB data is also available. Real full post till end and you will everything.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the seventh title of the Grand theft auto series. It is an action game with a lot of adventures developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar games. It was launched on 26th October 2004 on PlayStation 2 and on 7th June 2005 for Xbox and Microsoft Windows. It was the first main title of the Grand Theft Auto series after the launch of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in the year 2002. The game was produced by Leslie Benzies. The programmers of the game are Obbe Vermeij and Adam Fowler and the writers are Dan Houser, DJ Pooh, and James Worrall.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (MOD, unlimited money) – Five years ago Carl Johnson escaped from the Los Santos city, steeped in street wars, drug trafficking and corruption, the home of movie stars and millionaires, trying to ignore the drug dealers and gangsters

   Download Free Apk+ OBB+ Mega Mod GTA San Andreas Mod Apk Features

  • Gang wars: GTA Sand Andreas app has features like Once the player enters into an enemy region the gang war starts. The player has to survive at least three waves of the enemy and once the battle won, the fellow gang members start to wander in that newly conquered region. More of the territory is acquired, more the game credit will be generated. The player’s territory come under attack occasionally and the player has to defend it to retain the territory. Once the player owns all the territories, no more attacks happen to his territories.

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  • Car Modification: GTA San Andreas Free Game Apk contains about 250 vehicles of different type and different real-world brand. The game provides chances to modify or upgrade the vehicle at several garages. All the vehicle modifications are strictly visual except stereo system, nitrous oxide, and hydraulics. Other common vehicle modifications are, paint job, wheels, rim, bumpers, spoilers, etc.
  • Burglary: GTA San Andreas Android have another feature upgraded in the game. Under this feature, players can potentially make money. This feature allows the player to steal a burglary van and can invade a house at night and can steal valuable things or can shake off the occupants.
  • Minigames:  GTA San Andreas Free Apk There are different types of minigames available in the game like, basketball, pool, dancing and bouncing lowriders with hydraulics. It also has casino games and methods of gambling such as making a bet on virtual horse races.
  • Money:  GTA Sand Andreas Game has the money system has been upgraded to a different level as compared with the previous game titles. In this game, players can use the money over several things like gambling, clothing, upgrading their vehicles and many more. If a player lost many times in gambling, he comes under debts which will notify by red color numbers in money section and he has to clear his debts before the second call from mysterious persons or else the character will be killed.

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  • Multiplayer: This title of GTA series has Single-Player as well as a multiplayer feature. In multiplayer, rampages have been modified and will be completed by two players.

APK or Android Package Kit is a package file for the distribution and installation of Android apps on the Android devices. The APK files contain the required files of apps which is useful to run the apps on the android device. It is an indirect way to download an app, without paying any bucks, on the Android operating devices with simple steps.

 GTA San Andreas 1.08 APK Full File Information

Contents [show] AppGTA San Andreas MOD APK + DataAPK Size26.6 MBOBB Data1.76 GBVersionv1.08SupportedAndroid .0 and Above

Download GTA San Andreas Apk Free For Android

  • Download by clicking above link
  • Click on the link to download the required APK file which is of about 30 MB,
  • Also, download the cache data for the game,
  • Open the APK file and follow the instructions, and
  • Finally, the game is open. Enjoy the game!!!

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The Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas APK file is the easiest way to download the paid game without paying any bucks

How To Install Apk + Data on Android

  1. Download the GTA: San Andreas (Normal/MOD/Mega-MOD) APK file from our link 
  2. After downloading Install it on your android phone. [Don’t run the game]
  3. Download the GTA: San Andreas OBB file (.ZIP file).
  4. Extract the .ZIP file in any folder of your phone’s memory. All you have to do now is to extract the San Andreas OBB file into sdcard/Android/obb or you can copy extracted folder into com.rockstargames.gtasa to Android/obb/(Note – To extract obb file of this game, you can use ES File Explorer or any other zip file extractor from Google Play Store
  5. Copy/Cut and Paste the extracted folder ‘com.rockstargames.gtasa’ to the following path respectively  INTERNAL MEMORY > ANDROID > OBB
  6. OPEN GTA: San andreas and start playing.

RusVPN Review – What Makes This a Popular VPN?

With the fact that net neutrality is something that happens to be in danger, people are looking to protect themselves, and their privacy on the internet. With so many options available, finding the right VPN is not the job that people think is easy. There are just so many VPNs available in the market that the chances of ending up with a mediocre one are always there.

This is where RusVPN comes into play. This is one of the best VPNs available in the market, and today, we are going to review it and tell you just why you should go for it.

RusVPN Features

In this RusVPN review, the first thing that we are going to pay attention to are the features of this particular VPN. As we all know, a VPN is only good if it comes with all the relevant features, and can be trusted. Well, we do trust RusVPN, but as far as the features are concerned, we do have to shed some light on those so the consumers can have a better understanding.

With that out of the way, let’s not digress any further and have a look at the features that you will be getting from this VPN, shall we?

  • Browse Anonymously: If you worried about your privacy as you should be, then the good news is that through RusVPN, you can browse anonymously, and not have to worry about anything coming your way.
  • Unlimited and Uncensored Access: With RusVPN, accessing anything and everything is a thing of beauty. The VPN works flawlessly and allows you to bypass any and all geo-restrictions that might be coming in the way.
  • Great Speed: The biggest complaint that most people have with VPNs is that they do not get the right speed that they are looking for. However, if you are going to use RusVPN, you are going to get full speed whether you are streaming or downloading.
  • Completely Secure: Security is an important concern for a lot of people on the internet. Thankfully, if you are going to use RusVPN, we can guarantee you that you will be getting a secure experience.
  • Lots of Devices: With RusVPN, you do not have to worry about buying a different VPN for different devices that you own. A single subscription allows you to use the software on every supported device. This is called having a great, streamlined experience.
  • No Logs: For me, the best VPN is the one that is transparent about the policies it has. The great thing about RusVPN is that it adheres to a strict, no logs policy. Making it one of the best choices for anyone looking for a good experience.

Reasons You Should Use a VPN

Now that we have had a brief look at the features you will be getting with RusVPN, the next step is to explore some of the reasons why you should use a VPN. This is, of course, different people as preference usually come in the way, but in most situations, the reasons are the same for a lot of people.

Secure Browsing

One of the biggest reasons why anyone would want to use a VPN is because they are looking for something that allows secure browsing. With privacy becoming a bigger and bigger concern by the minute, it is important that people feel secure when they are using an online service. With a VPN, you do not have to worry about anything.

Privacy Concerns

Whether you are sharing sensitive data or not, the one thing that everyone should practice mainly because it is their right to do so is having their privacy intact. On the internet, it has become so much easier to exploit others, that it is a sad affair. With a VPN like RusVPN, you do not have to worry about your privacy as the data will be channeled through an entirely secure route.

Accessing Everything

Another reason that people are more and more inclined towards using a VPN is that they are gaining the ability to access pretty much anything they want to. This includes games, websites, music, as well as movies. The process itself is simple and straightforward.

This also means that you will not be facing any sort of censorship that is pretty common in many countries across the world.

Some Great Sales

Do you know that many companies around the world are famous for running location-based sales? Obviously, it is not something that many people can know. However, with VPN, you can simply change your location to the one that has the best sales going on and avail them with ease as well.

Download Without Any Restrictions

Downloading torrents and other similar stuff while being without any protection on the internet can be the wrong thing to do and can lead to some dire consequences. In a situation like that, you can use a good VPN like RusVPN here and download whatever you wish to without any restriction.

This also works for downloading content that is otherwise locked behind geo-restrictions, even when you are talking about downloading stuff legally.

Simply put, you do not have to worry about restrictions, or security issues when you are going with something like a good VPN.

Periscope for PC Free Download for Windows 10/8/8.1/7

How to Download Periscope for PC Windows: Periscope is an amazing app which allows you to live stream videos. This app is developed by Twitter Inc to broadcast the live videos. It is a fantastic app with a very user-friendly interface which makes it easy to download and install it on both your Android devices and on PC.

Here in this article, we will learn about how to download Periscope on your PC Windows. Periscope is a public network which allows you stream some online videos, movies, etc. You can also record and upload you own videos to periscope and share them with your friends.

  • Bigo Live PC Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1

If you miss the live stream of your friend, then you can replay it by using a unique feature called “Replay button.”  Periscope is an Android application, but you can still use it on your PC by downloading Bluestack on your PC. Bluestack is an android emulator which allows you to access the Android videos on your PC Windows. Periscope does not need to depend on media outlets for video coverage of particular event; it can directly start streaming the video as soon as you upload them.

Periscope allows you to manage our follower’s list based on your Twitter account. It allows you to stream some live channels like Police, Race and America, Local 911, Drone’s eye view, etc. It also allows you to see the breaking news, visit new places and meet new people all in a very real time.

Periscope for PC Free Download for Windows 10/8/8.1/7

  • Before downloading Periscope for your PC Windows, the first thing you have to do is to download and install android emulator software Bluestacks on your PC.
  • Open your web browser and search for Bluestacks.
  • Choose the latest version of Bluestacks on the available versions and click on the download option.
  • Once the downloading of the Bluestacks on your PC completes, select the install option to run Bluestacks on your PX Windows.
  • The installation process will take few seconds. Once the installation process ends; open the Google Play Store, and search for Periscope in the search bar.
  • Choose the desired version of Periscope from the available list and click on the download option.
  • Once the downloading process completes; click on the Install option to install the application on your PC Windows.
  • Once the installation process completes, you will be ready to stream and upload unlimited videos.


  • Tubemate for PC Free (Windows 7/8/8.1)

Features of Periscope for PC Windows: –

  • Periscope for PC Windows allows you watch videos on a bigger screen.
  • It offers you an unusual feature of managing your follower’s list by just changing the privacy settings.
  • It allows you to share your live stream videos with specific and selected people with some privacy terms.
  • It suggests you people based on your Twitter network from where you can add new people, follow them and start chatting with them.
  • It also enables you to view your superfans in any.
  • It allows you to broadcast live videos and to interact with the people who follow you through hearts and comments.
  • It gives push messages to your followers whenever you go for a live video so that they can join, comment, like and comment on it.
  • It allows you to stream the missed video by just clicking on the Replay option.
  • It also lets you share your live videos on Twitter and other social networks instantly by clicking on the share option.
  • The new version of the Periscope app includes features like bug and crash fixing.
  • It notifies you whenever someone watches your reply or whenever you get a new follower.